(another St Jon Production)
60 levels of riddle based puzzles
Created by small-tool and Jonthewatch

Small Tool Strife

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- Try to interpret the hints given on a level to get the answer (sometimes you may have to Google a bit or use some kind of ciphers, but it's mainly your brain you'll need).
- No hints at all in the url, source, exif and/or pic properties or pic names (although Jon might have put his own secret messages in the pic names. If so, it has nothing to do with finding the solution for a level and whatever those messages are - if they are there - it's Jon's thing, so don't blame the tool :P
- If there are hints in the pictures they will be clearly visible, so no need for pic manipulation with fancy programs like Gimp. Although, occasionally you will have to Google what the images are about and to do that you may have to cut those pics in pieces. A simple program like Paint will do for that. By the way, Google Image Search works great (just open Google Images and click the camera icon in the search bar). 
- Answers go in the answer box, spaces, just lowercase letters. And... letters only, so no punctuation, no numbers, etcetera, etcetera.
For example, if you think the answer is Small-Tool, you have to put in: smalltool
- If your answer is correct you will go to the next level. If wrong you will get a page that looks a bit like this:


- Yalçin who created  (EG24, Escape Games 24) the best games site in the world.

- Jonthewatch, who was 'again' so very nice to make my crazy thoughts into a playable online game.

- Edgar and Ellie who beta-tested this riddle and found tons of mistakes (even solved the levels with those mistakes in them though) and told me how to make it better.


small-tool: small-tool riddle   small challenge    A love story

Edgar and Ellie: Perplex

Jonthewatch: Way too many to mention here. Just do an EG24 search for his riddles 

Anyway, let's cut the crap and just: